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  1. Eastenders & Coronation Street

    Started by MountEverest / 10/03/2017 00:44 / Replies 56
    I am a big fan of Eastenders and Corrie! Are there any other Eastenders and/or Corrie fans here a...

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    By FireworkCandy /
  2. kpop

    Started by queerxgirlx / 06/11/2016 09:36 / Replies 18
    Anyone else like kpop bands like BTS GOT7 f(x) etc????

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    By Summerstaehyungs /

    Started by greenday1975 / 24/08/2017 04:26 / Replies 11
    heyyyyy what type of music does everyone listen to? i can't stop listening to ed sheeran atm but ...

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    By UserLPK /
  4. Any Musical Lovers out there?

    Started by CurlzC / 20/09/2017 19:06 / Replies 0
    I. Love. Musicals. I may or may not be obsessed with a bunch of musicals. Eg. Hamilton, Heathers,...
  5. Lady Gaga Tour

    Started by WitnessKaty / 20/09/2017 18:19 / Replies 0
    hey does anyone love lady gaga or her music? have any of you been looking forward to going ti see...
  6. favourite youtubers? and why

    Started by queerxgirlx / 04/06/2017 17:55 / Replies 9
    hey i just wondered who your favourite youtubers are so i can try some out! Im a huge fan of Dodi...

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    By whyohwhy22 /
  7. Dance

    Started by Takeadetourunicorn / 03/09/2017 22:50 / Replies 1
    Helpppppo. I love dance. Apparently I'm not good, according to my bff. I love it and want to purs...

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    By Dancingdreamer /
  8. opera music?

    Started by xDarkwoodx / 05/09/2011 21:35 / Replies 7
    hey does anyone on here like opera music like motzart or andrew lloyd webbers work? just wonderin...

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    By prolixprolix /
  9. I was brought up listening to pop music

    Started by Wiffles / 30/06/2017 19:57 / Replies 3
    Hello I'm an emo/scene boy who likes skateboarding.I really appreciate rock music, especially pow...

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    By Crash5176 /

    Started by TheEminemShow / 31/07/2017 22:53 / Replies 3
    Any other Man U fans? Whos your favourite player? Mine is Ander Herrera What about you guys?

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    By Takeadetourunicorn /