Bullying and Discrimination

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  1. The Most Hated Person in my School (I think...) ;(

    Started by DDtheDJ / 22/05/2019 18:54 / Replies 9
    Everyday, I sit on the fence on my own at school coz no one will even talk to me. Everyone bullie...

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    By DDtheDJ /
  2. Toxic friends

    Started by Wolfy83368336 / 05/05/2019 22:32 / Replies 8
    hi guys, before I get into my experience with toxic friends ill give you some backstory. sorry fo...

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    By Chlobo756 /
  3. bulling

    Started by TegaBear / 21/06/2019 12:10 / Replies 0
    hi, my name is Tegan, I get really badly bullied, and its basically that I get battered everyday ...
  4. how do I look

    Started by shine86 / 17/06/2019 19:09 / Replies 1
    I am feeling really sad since i'm always getting mixed up with the same people just because of my...

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    By ForeverAlone12 /
  5. Is she a toxic friend, is she short tempered or am i just too sensitive?

    Started by PenguinsLoveWatermelons / 07/06/2019 16:55 / Replies 3
    I have a friend at my school. I have known her for almost a year now but there are some things th...

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    By ForeverAlone12 /
  6. My friends were only supposed to know!

    Started by HiIhaveDyscalculia900 / 18/06/2019 20:51 / Replies 0
    Hi ​ I have really bad anxiety with my dyslexia with numbers, my friends are accidentally l...
  7. Being Bullied Because of My Religion

    Started by Blind-Fish / 14/06/2019 16:52 / Replies 2
    Hi. I am a Christian and I live in the Scottish Borders. People at school have been abusing me be...

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    By Omegaphone /
  8. Emotional Absuse/Bullying?

    Started by KiwiBirdz / 06/06/2019 02:55 / Replies 2
    Hi guys. hope you're doing well <3 Im intoxicated as i write this so sorry for any spelling er...

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    By KiwiBirdz /
  9. Bullying Victims?

    Started by iheartKurtCobain / 18/06/2016 09:09 / Replies 25
    Hi everybody, I have decided to make a thread, dedicated to helping people who are being bullied ...

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    By ceejayjns /
  10. please help

    Started by CallMeDog / 19/05/2019 16:13 / Replies 4
    now first of all, i would love for there to be no hate on this thread, please keep it to yourself...

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    By CallMeDog /