Bullying and Discrimination

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  1. Protect yourself from bulying

    Started by spock1234 / 03/02/2015 16:29 / Replies 6
    Do you get bullied at school? Why? If you have any questions about bullying, if you want to tell ...

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    By aspieabbie /
  2. Swimming lessons

    Started by BarbieToysBarbielm / 17/04/2018 13:30 / Replies 0
    im in year 5 atm and i do swimming lessons with my class on a friday afternoon we all go with the...
  3. we are all unique

    Started by Kiki12-45 / 15/04/2018 13:58 / Replies 0
    hi there i think that every one is unique in different ways . For example ,i am a christian and i...
  4. Names

    Started by smiley101 / 21/02/2010 16:43 / Replies 5
    I all started as a joke. Me and my friend and this boy were all having a laught but then me and t...

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    By Loveheat123 /
  5. Being a Gypsy

    Started by gypsygyalxoxo / 28/07/2012 10:57 / Replies 6
    At school a few girls bully me because I'm a gypsy, they call me 'Pikey scum' and things like tha...

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    By Temporary09904658 /
  6. Punish a Muslim Day

    Started by MiawMiaw1234 / 03/04/2018 12:07 / Replies 4
    im a muslim and my friend told me today fhat people who hate muslims will try and hurt them. i lo...

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    By MiawMiaw1234 /
  7. bullying

    Started by BR0K3NBL4D3 / 10/04/2018 17:27 / Replies 1
    Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will only cause permanent psychological damage :'(

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    By Abs2408 /
  8. bullying

    Started by Scarlettarty101 / 10/04/2018 15:48 / Replies 3
    Hi, I'm being picked one quite a lot by this boy and his friends at school. He calls me names and...

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    By Abs2408 /
  9. i am getting punched and kicked for being bisexual.

    Started by xheiressx / 07/11/2017 21:14 / Replies 6
    told my best friend that I was bisexual and that i had a girlfriend, she was really supportive an...

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    By BR0K3NBL4D3 /
  10. bullying

    Started by Lubyzzz / 21/02/2014 14:50 / Replies 9
    i dont know why people bully does it make them feel better about themselves making others feel ba...

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    By lolpop0305 /