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  1. Blog

    Started by Weird-worried-wierdo / 02/12/2019 16:37 / Replies 9
    hey people im weird worried weirdo or w.w.w my real name is emily but you guys can call me Emy or...

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    By Weird-worried-wierdo /
  2. Xmas gifts for big group

    Started by ItsLeviOsanotLeviosA / 08/12/2019 14:58 / Replies 0
    So I do performing arts and the people who go are practically my family and I want to get them al...
  3. Classic video games

    Started by Super-Mario-64 / 06/12/2019 19:57 / Replies 0
    Hello. I'm Damien. Are there any fans of classic video games from the 80s and 90s? My favourite i...
  4. Alphabet game :)

    Started by Thoughtbubble / 13/08/2019 19:54 / Replies 8
    This game is really simple, but i love it to do with my mum while we’re trying to get to sleep. B...

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    By Super-Mario-64 /
  5. Favourite anime

    Started by Nightgirl13 / 10/11/2019 14:44 / Replies 2
    hi, maggie here, im kinda bored and would like some good reccomendations, anyone watch any good a...

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    By Super-Mario-64 /
  6. any nightcore fans???

    Started by tootsweets-tootsweets / 01/12/2019 14:50 / Replies 5
    hey! I was just wondering if there are any night core fans here and if so what songs would you re...

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    By Super-Mario-64 /
  7. Things about yourself

    Started by eg2004 / 06/11/2018 18:24 / Replies 46
    hi guys! i’m 13 and really bored at the minute so i thought i would think of some questions for y...

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    By Fighting-2-live /
  8. Word association!

    Started by CoconutChoc / 02/11/2019 00:38 / Replies 13
    Hey! This is a fun game I like to play with my friends so I thought it would be fun here too! You...

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    By CoconutChoc /
  9. Whats your favourite....

    Started by verytiredperson / 07/10/2019 01:18 / Replies 16
    1. favourite movie 2. favourite quote 3.favourite subject 4. favourite author 5. favourite singer...

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    By tootsweets-tootsweets /
  10. Acting 🎬🎥

    Started by AnimalLover-123 / 02/11/2019 23:52 / Replies 3
    Hi I LOVE acting and always wish that i could be on stage or even better in a movie or a tv progr...

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    By ACandyCane /