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  1. Brexit debate (kinda?)

    Started by Robreennnn / 10/10/2019 23:05 / Replies 1
    Soooo yknow there's Brexit, with the UK leaving the EU and stuff.. Well am I the only one who thi...

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    By Lockstar /
  2. Boris Johnson

    Started by Temporary49226849 / 28/07/2019 00:05 / Replies 9
    hi guys! i was just wondering about evryones thoughts on our new prime minister- im not too pleas...

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    By Robreennnn /
  3. Brexit

    Started by Hello281 / 24/03/2019 13:46 / Replies 4
    I'm actually really worried about Brexit. What's if there's no deal and something really bad happ...

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    By Robreennnn /
  4. Environement

    Started by Cedrella-J / 02/05/2019 16:48 / Replies 3
    Hey everyone. So Im struggling at the moment with what the environment has become. Its really ups...

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    By KupcakeAndSprinklez08 /
  5. knife crime again sorry

    Started by kiwime / 07/10/2019 22:00 / Replies 1
    every day that goes past i feel increasingly more bad about knife crime (in london) because i kno...

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    By Marvelcomics /
  6. Global warming

    Started by 321skye / 29/04/2018 22:45 / Replies 4
    Hey guys, I don't really understand what Global Warming is but i am really scared that it will ma...

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    By ApplePlum /
  7. the royal family?

    Started by plzdontjudge / 20/08/2019 23:25 / Replies 4
    i have no problem with the royal family as individuals and they all seem very nice and friendly, ...

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    By xxdlkxx /
  8. knife crime

    Started by TheWholesomeIntrovert / 03/10/2019 18:16 / Replies 0
    so recently there has been a lot of news in the city i live in about young people using and carry...
  9. Why? (PLEASE READ)

    Started by littlelilypad / 08/08/2019 11:13 / Replies 5
    i hate how people do bad things i read on the news about a 6 year old boy who was on a lookout th...

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    By littlelilypad /
  10. brexit...?

    Started by treatpeoplewithkindness / 07/06/2019 19:09 / Replies 2
    i hear brexit stuff alot, but if i’m being honest i don’t really understand most of what’s actual...

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    By Isobel3465 /