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This content might introduce themes and ideas that may be confusing or shocking if you have not experienced them before.   

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  1. Sexual frustration I think?

    Started by Ihatethenicknamesystem / 01/11/2019 23:21 / Replies 2
    anyway im pretty young, 14 to be exact, and recently ive been feeling frustration due to all of m...

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    By Ihatethenicknamesystem /
  2. Im scared

    Started by Temporary34910075 / 01/11/2019 23:37 / Replies 1
    Hello I am 15 and never had sex and I'm scared because my foreskin doesn't pull back very far and...

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    By smhsmh /
  3. [boys only] Issues

    Started by smhsmh / 31/10/2019 17:06 / Replies 2
    Hi, So, I've never had sex before, and I've only ever kissed a girl/necked on with a few. Now, I ...

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    By smhsmh /
  4. Sex!

    Started by Sean00 / 06/10/2019 20:58 / Replies 4
    hi guys im 15 and have never even kissed a girl,nevermind done anything sexual. Im worried becaus...

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    By Monty- /
  5. The pill

    Started by ehow2003 / 28/10/2019 22:44 / Replies 0
    Hi everyone, i’ve been on the combined pill for just over 2 weeks now. i am stressing because the...
  6. p;orn

    Started by 123qwe456rty / 26/08/2019 18:20 / Replies 6
    okay so recently I've been really sexually stimulated in a way (if thats the right way to say it)...

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    By Hannahiscooler /
  7. Masturbating

    Started by Temporary72958874 / 26/10/2019 20:48 / Replies 2
    How does it feel to matsurbate if your a girl? I have been trying it for a while but have never g...

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    By CinnamonCookie /
  8. 15 minutes late taking the pill

    Started by ehow2003 / 24/10/2019 20:52 / Replies 1
    hi, i may be really over reacting as it is only 15 minutes, but i’ve been taking it for 2 weeks a...

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    By Temporary97546312 /
  9. Female Masturbation

    Started by Anonymoussportslover / 20/06/2019 21:16 / Replies 6
    I’m confused on how to masturbate but want to do it, can anyone explain?

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    By Cat1012 /
  10. Is it ok

    Started by P1xelT1ger / 21/10/2019 01:25 / Replies 0
    I have been masturbating since i was 10 I think. I have STRICT parents. Im a mix of Asian and Lat...