Christmas and New Year

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  1. Christmas

    Started by CatsAreGreat1 / 07/12/2019 20:00 / Replies 0
    Hi, I’m Pat, I’m 17. I’m not looking forward to Christmas this year, I’m worried about how I will...
  2. family issues.

    Started by wheelsonthebus / 07/12/2019 02:53 / Replies 0
    hi, i’m a 12 year old girl who is experiencing some family issues. my older sister (14) loves to ...
  3. This Christmas

    Started by BritpopBoy / 14/10/2019 20:31 / Replies 9
    Hey there, I know it's a bit early to start mentioning Christmas, but I have a few family problem...

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  4. christmas

    Started by punjabi101 / 04/12/2019 18:16 / Replies 1
    hey guys🤪 so my mum hasnt gotten me an advent callender yet and im deverstayed by it because chr...

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    Started by rocky2294 / 24/11/2019 15:30 / Replies 6
    hows everyone feeling about this, as i know christmad can be a hard time of year for some.... xxxx

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  6. Christmas

    Started by Jaidey / 24/12/2018 15:49 / Replies 3
    I just thought I would make this board up about Christmas. Just tell me all about your Christmas....

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  7. Merry Christmas!

    Started by PikachuLover316 / 29/12/2018 10:08 / Replies 6
    Hi, it's me! I came to say merry Christmas, when it was christmas. I've been away at my nan's hou...

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  8. Cynophobia- please can you help me?

    Started by dizdozzle / 01/01/2019 17:46 / Replies 9
    Hello. Firstly, I hope that you have all had a really fun Christmas and New Year! Ok, I have Cyno...

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  9. Bad life

    Started by Temporary75831632 / 06/01/2019 23:52 / Replies 5
    So, my parents are always disappointed in me and I try my best but I always have an urge to do ot...

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  10. Christmas day turned out to be bad

    Started by ItzGeorge / 30/10/2017 12:33 / Replies 7
    My dad once took all of the presents and recycled them and he said to me to get a life and now i ...

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