Good days

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  1. What do I even call this

    Started by burrito-boy / 18/08/2018 18:44 / Replies 0
    i was actually in a really bad mood all day but literally 10 minutes later the singer from my fav...
  2. What makes you happy? THE ULTIMATE HAPPY THREAD!!!!

    Started by love-yourself / 07/10/2014 16:32 / Replies 10
    What makes you happy? This thread is to express your feelings. Not to express your feelings by be...

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  3. schools closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Started by rose6978 / 01/03/2018 07:53 / Replies 10
    I am so happy that school has closed because of the snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Best friend

    Started by becakys2 / 22/06/2018 23:02 / Replies 3
    So i am best friends with a girl and she has heen my best for nearly 3 years and recently i becam...

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  5. Autistic

    Started by bowgirl / 05/04/2018 21:12 / Replies 11
    Its wanderfall to be autistic because in a way our special just the way you are . So if you're au...

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  6. Friends

    Started by stirmoods / 12/04/2018 17:05 / Replies 5
    I am lonely I am depressed :( No one likes me. I want to die :( I'd like to have 'real life' frie...

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  7. 10 reasons why I feel great right now

    Started by YasminTheWorrier / 25/07/2018 13:04 / Replies 2
    1. I have an acrylic nail appointment with my best friend on Monday then she’s sleeping round min...

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  8. Getting over 'shyness' I think

    Started by goseeamusical / 02/07/2018 23:32 / Replies 2
    Ey guyysssss ur all cool i like u (positive message of the day yo finger guns) i feel proud for d...

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  9. Nectar lists (kinda like a bucket list, but different)

    Started by Alphabet15 / 02/06/2016 23:44 / Replies 70
    Hi, I'm guessing everyone knows what a bucket list is? But, in case you don't, it is a list of th...

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  10. Finished GCSEs!!

    Started by fazzzzz / 16/06/2018 00:09 / Replies 1
    I had my last GCSE exam today and I was honestly so over the moon! Well done to everyone else who...

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