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  1. Family relationships

    Started by Jas-Host / 09/07/2019 12:17 / Replies 2
    Hi everyone, We know that lots of you use this board to talk about all your different families, w...

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  2. Non-stop Arguments

    Started by AcidVibe / 20/08/2019 21:31 / Replies 0
    My dad is an alcoholic and of course, when he drinks, it causes turmoil within our house. My mum ...
  3. Not seeing eye to eye

    Started by GracefulKittens / 11/08/2019 23:59 / Replies 1
    Hey, from around the end of last year, me and my parents havent been getting along when we have g...

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    By Char-12345 /
  4. Alcohol

    Started by Bluecarrot22 / 20/08/2019 01:42 / Replies 0
    my mum is an alcholic and i dont know how to get her to stop it really annoys me and my sister, i...
  5. Acting like the perfect family to fuel a parent’s ego.

    Started by Purelola / 19/08/2019 22:20 / Replies 0
    Whenever I go out with my parents I feel like I have to act like we are the perfect family just t...
  6. Holiday: to go or not to go??

    Started by InvisibleGirl39 / 31/07/2019 14:39 / Replies 3
    i haven't been on here for months now but i really need some help with this i really dont want to...

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    By InvisibleGirl39 /
  7. Wanting to move out at 17.

    Started by KiraTheReaper / 19/08/2019 02:11 / Replies 0
    I have recently wanted to move out away from home again, I have already moved out once before and...
  8. home

    Started by Amelie-Ann / 18/08/2019 09:19 / Replies 0
    so my mum and dad split up and my dad is super ferce and me and bro visit him evry sunday and on ...
  9. Will my parents still love me?

    Started by Jimins-lost-cheek-fat / 18/08/2019 05:04 / Replies 0
    im scared that my parents wont love me anymore if I tell them that I don't want to be in my relig...
  10. my dad

    Started by Temporary86014167 / 07/06/2019 16:32 / Replies 5
    my dad died on my birthday 2016

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    By Jimins-lost-cheek-fat /