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  1. Setting and sharing goals

    Started by Jas-Host / 29/01/2018 14:07 / Replies 73
    Hi everyone, Having realistic goals for what we want to do and what we want to achieve can be a r...

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    By fluffyrice /
  2. Unspoken Thoughts /

    Started by SomebodyAlwaysCaresxx / 08/04/2019 00:06 / Replies 430
    Hey. This is essentially a variation of Fleur's and Arianna's threads- I've called it "Unspo...

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    By AlwaysHaveHopex /
  3. Unsent Letters /

    Started by Alphabet15 / 08/06/2017 19:38 / Replies 2539
    Hi, I have used this idea before and so have started a new thread which I hope others can contrib...

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    By AlwaysHaveHopex /
  4. Scared of going over

    Started by wooaah / 11/11/2019 01:01 / Replies 2
    i havent got an ed or anything at all like that but ive always been panicked if i went 1kg above ...

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    By Brat-king /
  5. Getting over things

    Started by rubydoo-01 / 30/10/2019 22:18 / Replies 1
    My mum and my dad split when i was two, and my mum met my stepdad when i was 3-4 years old. Im no...

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    By rocky2294 /
  6. Emotions

    Started by Temporary84305155 / 09/11/2019 21:53 / Replies 0
    Hi, does anyone know why I have nightmares, or bad dreams, they are about the war and it reacts a...
  7. My unsent letters space :) /

    Started by AlwaysHaveHopex / 27/01/2018 12:38 / Replies 807
    Hey, I'd made a thread in Young Carers a little while ago, but that quickly became less of a Youn...

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    By SomebodyAlwaysCaresxx /
  8. I just don’t know what I’m feeling...

    Started by SilverSloth2019 / 09/11/2019 19:12 / Replies 0
    i don’t understand what i’m feeling anymore. i have always shown signs of anxiety (though i haven...
  9. Moods relating to school

    Started by KSLKH1 / 06/11/2019 14:40 / Replies 0
    hi everyone. i want to ask if anyone has any tips on how to cope with low moods that relate to sc...
  10. ANGRY

    Started by icantsay / 12/10/2011 18:25 / Replies 4
    i keep having mood swings! i go fro normal to MENTAL!!!!!!!!!!its horrible cus ive just moved up ...

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    By Sadimy11 /