Online/Mobile safety & Cyber Bullying

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  1. Snapchat and Nudes

    Started by MiMi3-456-78 / 18/04/2018 19:34 / Replies 0
    urrmmmm i dont know if this is the right place, but um well I don't when but I this boy started t...
  2. I need some advice... /

    Started by SuperScaredGirl101 / 13/04/2018 22:13 / Replies 1
    I have been thinking up suicuide (killing myself) i need some help, can a have some advice plz &#...

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    By buttercupbambi /
  3. Should I?

    Started by Emoji-friend / 08/04/2018 22:30 / Replies 2
    Hi I am 10 I am on Whatsap and messenger and Spotify and Houseparty About a year ago everyone had...

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    By Emoji-friend /
  4. Not on any social media...

    Started by Happygirlforever / 05/05/2014 18:54 / Replies 4
    Hi everyone, so I'm not on any social media, I'm not on Facebook, instagram, snap chat, nothing. ...

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    By Abs2408 /
  5. Masterbating

    Started by Aanniiee / 10/04/2018 02:29 / Replies 1
    So, um, imma 13 year old girl - turned 13 a month and 10 days ago. Um, ever since the age of seve...

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    By Abs2408 /
  6. Just a word of warning

    Started by azza29896 / 23/12/2017 12:36 / Replies 2
    Those words never leave, You can delete them, You can apologise, You can do what you want, But on...

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    By Tamima /
  7. Fed up

    Started by India72 / 08/04/2018 00:17 / Replies 1
    i feel poo. my sad suffers bipolar my mum stuggles with her own issues and childhood. i was bulli...

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    By Spectrum11 /
  8. What Should I Do?

    Started by ImFine / 06/05/2011 16:49 / Replies 3
    Hi there, I'm in year 10. I don't know what the best thing to do is as I have been bullied for a ...

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    By Superdupertrooper1234 /
  9. I'm being bullied.

    Started by Super-Mario-64 / 26/02/2018 08:18 / Replies 4
    I am ten years old and I have just started a new school. There is this gang of boys who pick on m...

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    By Super-Mario-64 /
  10. Should I be concerned

    Started by Emerald22 / 18/02/2018 14:22 / Replies 4
    A couple months ago I was playing an online game where you were given a scenario where a good thi...

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    By Emerald22 /