Sex and Sexual Health

This content might introduce themes and ideas that may be confusing or shocking if you have not experienced them before.   

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  1. Idk what’s going on

    Started by HerosOfOlympusFan / 10/11/2019 19:41 / Replies 3
    Hi everyone! I have recently started secondary( i am 12) and there are lots of new terms i am not...

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    By HerosOfOlympusFan /
  2. Sex

    Started by PixelsHere4u / 21/10/2019 23:42 / Replies 6
    so im 13 and i have masturbated since around 10. I have very strict parents😢but at school i can ...

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    By PixelsHere4u /
  3. Sex

    Started by ThisIsMe001003 / 04/09/2019 15:09 / Replies 6
    I am only 13 and don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend but I really want to have sex really badly and...

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    By lusheyes12345678 /
  4. i sent nudes and they got spread kinda

    Started by Temporary78161475 / 10/11/2019 03:44 / Replies 0
    so one night i rlly wasnt myself and i dont know what i was thinking but i was talking to this gu...
  5. I sent nudes

    Started by x-Angel-x / 24/09/2019 16:47 / Replies 6
    i sent nudes to a stranger, photos and videos and he screen recorded one of the videos. He said i...

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    By mom-i-like-boys /
  6. negative feeling to sex

    Started by CinnamonCookie / 27/10/2019 01:58 / Replies 2
    so i’m 14 and i’ve been having negative thoughts about sex. i do masturbate, i’m just worried abo...

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    By mom-i-like-boys /
  7. Masturbation

    Started by Temporary09208743 / 04/11/2019 12:39 / Replies 3
    Hello, Im a 13 year old boy and I struggle to masturbate, I keep rubbing my bum but nothing happe...

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    By mom-i-like-boys /
  8. My Fault?

    Started by avocadofarm / 07/11/2019 21:13 / Replies 1
    Hi, I know this will be a little bit of a ramble because I just can't seem to process this in my ...

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    By Abeauty /
  9. When is it too soon?

    Started by johnathon123 / 04/11/2019 21:25 / Replies 4
    Me and my girlfriend are meeting for the first time soon, we have been dating for not very long a...

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    By smhsmh /
  10. V-card

    Started by Moniqua-123 / 27/10/2019 00:30 / Replies 2
    Basically my friend is throwing a huge party for her 14th at her house. Her mum doesnt know and m...

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    By silentemotion /