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  1. How do you get to sleep at night?

    Started by Jas-Host / 07/12/2017 15:42 / Replies 105
    Hi everyone, We know that so many of you can find it really hard to get to sleep. We also know ho...

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    By KingOfTheJungle /
  2. Somniphobia

    Started by Akira-Quakenpath16 / 06/12/2019 03:47 / Replies 0
    Ok so I am pretty sure that I have some form of somniphobia and I was wondering if anyone else ha...
  3. I slep through most of the day!

    Started by ApplePlum / 25/11/2019 17:37 / Replies 0
    Hi, This week I haven't been having a good sleeping schedule (going to sleep at 3-4am and waking ...
  4. Teddies

    Started by The7thWheel / 17/06/2018 22:07 / Replies 16
    I see lots of you wonderful beans own teddy bears. I personally use them to help with sleeep but ...

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    By americalover /
  5. Night terrors

    Started by Nightgirl13 / 13/11/2019 15:36 / Replies 0
    hi everyone, maggie here, i need advice on sleeping and night terrors. i often cant sleep until v...
  6. Night-time

    Started by Iris100 / 18/08/2019 06:57 / Replies 3
    Hi, I started this thread because I couldn't find any night-time threads. I am here to help. Just...

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    By -jenna11- /
  7. I Was Very Irresponsible

    Started by Dan-Is-Afraid / 03/11/2019 07:16 / Replies 1
    Last night I consumed 320mg of caffeine (two cans of monster) and I already hadn't slept in like,...

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    By Monty- /

    Started by friedonions / 30/10/2019 22:09 / Replies 2
    Hello, I’m Eliza, and I can’t sleep, as the title suggests. So, I have ADHD, meaning I get distra...

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    By Ecreasion /
  9. A way to deal with emotion

    Started by booklover64 / 06/09/2019 21:01 / Replies 1
    All of my friends who share my negative outlook on life and who occasionally feel almost depresse...

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    By rocky2294 /
  10. I’m scared of sleeping

    Started by Blueblackvil / 27/10/2019 14:42 / Replies 1
    Hi, i’m Conan (not my real name) I’ve had problems sleeping for a few years now, though they have...

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    By moonlover18 /