1. Flying
    Photobomb31 / Aug 13 2019 19.49

    I don't Hate Fashion. I have my own, comfy but cute look and so please don't take offence from what I say. If you agree with me please reply!!!

    So, my everyday wear is Black Jeans or Comfy joggers and a top or jersey. I don't wear brands, or slogans (My mum doesn't approve of them) And I get slated for this all the time.

    Om the occasional No Unifrom days at school, my friends and the Popular Girls at school literally have a fashion competition, wearing the trendiest seasonal outfits from the highstreets and when I walk in in my plain comfy jumper and sparkly black jeans they look down their noses or smile sadly. It makes me feel stupid, embarrassed and sad. I hate it.

    I don't want to wear Crop Tops that show my too-skinny tummy and outie.

    •I don't want to wear frayed jumpers that thread away to nothing.

    I don't want to wear ripped jeans where you expose your legs abd get goosebumps. The POINT of trousers is to cover your legs, so why rip holes in them???

    What do I do???

  2. Spiralling
    Abagel / Aug 17 2019 17.23

    I KNOW RIGHT!!! Photobomb31, I THOROUGHLY AGREE WITH YOU!!!!!! (except the crop top bit I don't wear b-coz I'm too fat. Life is depressing) and some more:

    bikinis: what's the flipping point of wearing adult underwear in public and the in the freezing ocean?!?!?!


    shorts: what the flip. I don't get why everyone wants to show off their legs! I mean, like you said, the POINT of trousers are to cover your legs, SO WHY MAKE THEM TEN TIMES SHORTER TILL THEY'RE ALMOST SHOWING YOU RPANTS!?!!?!?

    ripped shorts:😶 the only thing that could seem worse than ripped jeans, for obvious reasons.

    Abigail :)

  3. Top dog
    100mel / Aug 18 2019 18.34

    Yep! Totally agree! Overpriced items for such little fabric - ridiculous!!

  4. Flying
    Photobomb31 / Aug 19 2019 13.56

    Yes! Thankyou for agreeing! Honestly, I get bullied so much for wearing non-frayed jeans or a 1 piece swimsuit! I'm like, [Lists Problems] puh-lease

  5. Sweets
    sweetcrystalflamingo123 / Aug 23 2019 21.26

    i hate silly trends!!!!

    the worst of the trends

    the horrible

    the shocking

    shirts with holes that show... you know... that thing

  6. Fixer
    Bacon55 / Oct 06 2019 16.10

    I agree... Torn trousers don't look cool to me, they just look plain scrappy! Don't worry about what other people think of you, they obviously won't get as much done as you in life if they're always worrying about what to wear. My sister knows people who plans what to wear for non-uniform days weeks in advance! Just remember that by doing your own thing is more original, and it will mean you will get noticed one day for good reasons. This probably won't help much with how people treat you because of this, but I think that you are a great person as you just do what you want, not what others expect you to do.



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