Made it to school today!!!

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    Thoughtbubble / Sep 05 2019 15.12

    As you can see by the title, i made it to school today and i actually couldn’t be prouder of myself. After all this struggle to finally get to the point where i’m at school, actually wanting to go. I can’t contain my excitement. Recovery is worth it, keep fighting. Good things can happen even after all the pain, please hold on for them.

    If you went back today or took a big or a little step recently, i’m so proud of you!!! Your amazing. It is all progress and a step in the direction of recovery.

    Best Wishes to you all,

    thoughtbubble x

  2. Football
    Lockstar / Sep 05 2019 20.37

    Very well done, Thoughbubble, you really should be incredibly proud of yourself, that is a massive step! If you ever have any problems, make sure to talk to Childline or post another message on the message board. I, and many others, will always be happy to help you .

    Take care,


  3. Top dog
    Isobel3465 / Sep 05 2019 21.20

    WOOHOO FOR YOU!!! Have a good day!


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