I hate how I look

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    KupcakeAndSprinklez08 / Oct 08 2019 22.27

    I have lots of freckles and i hate them. i am lucky to not get teased as i am in a small school where everybody knows each other. I feel fat even though i am just under average weight. i dont eat much unless i made it cause i only put extremely healthy stuff in it. I feel very alone.

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    Friendlysprite / Oct 12 2019 14.43

    I hate how I look too. But that does not mean you are a bad person I bet that you are a really good and supporting friend.I also think that you probably look better than you think like me.My friends told me the same thing.

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    Fighting-2-live / Nov 04 2019 22.51


    I also hate how I look although I am slightly overweight.

    tbh I think freckles are cute. and the only nice part of my face.

    you are beautiful in your own amazing way and I guarantee that people love you no matter what you look like.

    my mum didn't eat for years and I had to make her eat. she couldn't get out of bed because she had bi energy simply because she didn't want to be fat. please don't do it to yourself. I know it's hard and you don't want to but try exercising and eating healthy, don't starve yourself it will only hurt you in the end.

    you are beautiful in so many ways and I think that 1-2-1 counselling might help to give you some body positivity

    good luck xoxo

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    Abeauty / Nov 06 2019 20.07


    my mum has freckles and she hates them too but let me tell u this and i told my mum the same thing-

    freckles are a trend now, ppl really want them and find them so cute, ppl use makeup to FAKE freckles and some may even get a procedure to get it permenantly. Freckles r literal fashion now, if u dont believe me have a scroll through makeup pages on instagram.

    if your underweight and only eat with extremely healthy foods, this could makes ur weight even more lower, which isnt good. If your feeling fat bc of the way u look, ik everyone says ‘just love yourself’ but ima give straight facts here- uno some girls r desperate to look thick and desire to have ur body AND its a trend.

    guessing from ur username i can tell ur a girl so see there all the things u dont like ant yourself are all trends that girls want these days ?? i rlly hope ive made a difference in the way u look at youself now xx



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