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Watch videos in BSL (British Sign Language) about lots of different issues like bullying, family problems and how to stay safe online.

Contacting Childline Using Sign Video

How to stop online bullying

Divorce and Separation

Family relationships

How to Stay Safe Online

Learn the Underwear Rule

chat or sign to a cOUNSELLOR

If you are d(D)eaf or hard of hearing, you can get support from Childline in lots of ways. And you can chat to us about anything.

Find out how to contact us in BSL (British Sign Language) below. You can also contact a counsellor online, anytime.

Contact Childline with SignVideo

You can contact a counsellor through a qualified BSL interpreter anytime from Monday – Friday, 8am-8pm. Saturdays, 8am-1pm:

  • open SignVideo and click "allow webcam"
  • when you're connected, an interpreter will appear on your screen
  • you can chat to the interpreter in BSL
  • they'll translate your conversation to the counsellor.

Contacting Childline Using Sign Video

Book an evening slot with a counsellor

You can book a time to contact a counsellor in BSL anytime from 5pm to 9pm, Wednesday-Friday.

  • email to arrange a time to chat
  • download Skype for Business
  • at the time of your chat, a counsellor will appear on your screen
  • chat to them in BSL, they'll reply in Sign Assisted English.

Having problems using Skype for Business? Contact us on