Mobile phone safety

We can use our mobile phones a lot. So it's important to keep safe. Find out how with our mobile safety tips.

Mobile phone safety tips

Mobile phones are a great way to keep in touch with your friends. But if someone you don't know gets in touch with you, or you're being bullied through your phone, you should tell someone who can help.

Try these mobile safety tips:

  • Keep your phone with you
    If you're worried about someone taking it, keep it hidden from sight
  • Be careful with your number
    Only give it to your friends and people that you trust
  • Don't lend your phone to someone you don't know
    Or put it in a place where other people could get hold of it
  • Use a PIN
    Most phones allow you to lock your phone with a PIN code. If you don't have the code you can't unlock it, so if anyone steals your phone they won't be able to use it
  • Don't be pressured to give your number out
    If someone is pressuring you into giving them your number, tell someone about it such as a teacher or a parent
  • Switch your Bluetooth off
    If you have Bluetooth on your phone, keep it switched off when you are not using it.

Things to do if you're being bullied:

  • don't reply to any nasty messages you receive
  • keep the messages that you've sent so you can show someone
  • don't answer any calls that are from a witheld number, or number you don't know
  • change your mobile number and only give it to close friends and family

getting help with bullying

It's now quite easy for mobile phone companies to trace the identity of anyone who is sending nasty or abusive text messages. 

If you're being bullied and receiving nasty or threatening messages on your mobile, then you should tell an adult you trust. This could be a parent or teacher. They can help you put a stop to this.

All UK mobile companies are used to dealing with offensive calls and have people you can call who can help.

Remember you can always talk to a counsellor about what's going on.