Family relationships

Every family is different. And they're made up of different people. This can make your family feel special. But it can also mean that getting on well with each other isn’t always easy.

a "perfect family"

It can seem like there's such a thing as a "perfect family". But different families face different issues, including:

  • divorce and separation
  • moving home
  • arguments
  • abuse or neglect
  • drug or alcohol problems
  • domestic abuse
  • money worries
  • cultural differences.

No matter what you and your family are going through, you're not alone.

Things to remember:

  • it's normal for families to argue sometimes
  • if your parents separate or get divorced, it's not your fault
  • if you're having problems with your family, stepfamily or carers, you can get support
  • talking to someone you trust can help
  • if it gets too much, our counsellors can help.

family arguments

It's normal for families to argue sometimes. But if you have a difficult relationship with your parents, or you feel like it's getting too much it can be hard to know how to fix it.


Sally's Story

if you're not being looked after

Whoever you are and whoever your family are, you deserve to get the things you need. If you aren't getting what you need, like food and clothes, this is neglect.

If you're being neglected, it's important to ask an adult for help. This could be a teacher at school or a friend's parent. And remember you can always talk to a counsellor.

if you feel unsafe

If you are feeling unhappy or are being hurt by someone, it's important you get support as soon as possible. You could call the police on 999 or call us.

Some young people feel that running away may be their only option. But there are always options out there. And you could face different problems if you run away and are on the streets.


talking to your family

It can be really difficult if your family argues a lot, if your parents divorce or separate, or your parents have drug or alcohol problems.

But talking to your parents or carers is a really important step in having a good relationship. And talking can make a difficult relationship better.

Sometimes it's easier to talk about the little things. You could start by telling them something about your day, or asking them how their day was.

This can help you connect more and make your relationship a little bit easier. It may also help your parents feel that they can be there for you if you go through a difficult time.

Fighting with your parents?

where you can get support

Families should be caring and loving towards one another. They are the people you should feel most safe and secure with.

It's normal for families to have problems sometimes. But if it's getting too much, we can help.